Sora Journal

Student Work

Sora Students - Take me to the Movies

Can you smell the popcorn? In this immersive Middle School math project, students explore the mathematics behind a trip to the movies and try their hand at business management using Roblox to turn algebra into a cinematic experience.

Dylan & Gretta - Social Song

Based on their own experiences with mental health and bullying, Dylan & Gretta combined their passion for music to write & produce a song as a class project in the Expedition ""At War with Conformity.

Ciara Se. - If Rocks Could Talk

If rocks could talk, oh the stories they would tell! Have you ever looked out your bedroom window and wondered what the world looked like thousands, millions, or even billions of years ago?

Isabella Ge. - Artnado Project

Earlier this year, Isabella enrolled in "Artnado: An Extreme Weather Art Competition" to explore the intersection of art, science and writing.

Nico - Made In Abyss is amazing (And it also has problems)

In the expedition Philosophy of Anime, students examine "My Hero Academia" - the story of Izuku Midoriya and how he became the world’s greatest hero. Nico analyzes and reflects on the narrative, and it's strengths and weaknesses.

Athena Campus - DIY Dynamo Expedition - Reflection Posters

The Athena Campus created posters to reflect on the DIY Dynamo Expedition. In this expedition, students explored how energy is harnessed and converted into usable electricity, and then built their our own dynamo devices out of mostly recycled materials.

Colton Ke. - Pavlova

Colton gives us a fascinating overview of the origins and history of the Pavlova dessert.

Athena Campus - Summer Carnival

Nothing says summertime like carnival food. ⁠ What crazy carnival confections did Athena students come up with at the Summer Carnival?!

Maria de. - Pink Skies

This awe-inspiring creation is a testament to the artist's unique interest in moths. Let these fuzzy antennae tickle your wonder and curiosity, while rosey wings carry you into a world where the ordinary transforms into extraordinary enchantment

Ari Tu. - Coral or Chaos?

In this informative essay, Ari explores the Great Barrier Reef's fragile ecosystem, and our role in its' survival.

Ciara & Rachel - Luminexus

Welcome to the Luminexus podcast where we shine a light on radical new technologies to impact the most pressing problems of our time.