Sora Journal

Once upon a time...

... in the vibrant world of Sora Schools, a group of imaginative teachers, students, families, and designers set out on an extraordinary quest. They embarked on a journey to create something truly remarkable, a platform that would change the way school stories were told and heard. And so, with passion and determination, they designed Sora Journal, the student-led editorial platform - a haven for creativity and innovation.

But it wasn't just about creating a dazzling digital experience; it was about staying true to Sora's essence. They envisioned a space where young minds could freely explore their ideas and dreams, a safe and rewarding environment that nurtured creativity and unleashed the power of imagination.

This editorial platform was not crafted by outsiders but by the school community itself. Of course, they didn't venture on this endeavor alone. Along the way, they found support and guidance from their mentors, parents, and experts. 

From news and amazing student portfolios to thought-provoking opinions, from captivating arts to celebrating culture, it embraced the diverse tapestry of our community voices.

Above all, this platform embodied the very spirit of Sora Schools - weird and wonderful, just like the Sora itself. It’s the hub that brings families closer, with parents engaged more than ever in their kids' incredible educational journey.

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