Sora Journal

Simulated Neighborhoods

By Dawsey Jo. and Will Bo.

Robert helped guide us into the world of Trainz!!! Trainz is a graphic design simulator where you can make measurements, place and move objects, and run trains!!! Robert showed us how to make splines, place objects, change elevation of the ground and objects, and how to paint the ground, so that we could make a roughly scaled copy of our hometowns!!! 

Dawsey Jo.’s Project

My project was of Brunswick, Maryland, and I used Google Earth to measure roads, then placed down rulers in the trainz software and built roads on top of them. I then added my house and a few trees and other details. All in all, this was a very fun and interesting project!

Will. Bo’s Project

“Will created a 3d model of his neighborhood to demonstrate ‘scale’ in math class. He’s modeled the ocean in the distance (see the sand) and the distances from house to house also experimenting with elevation,” said Robert Clegg, who taught this Expedition.