Sora Journal

Art Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

By Sora Schools

As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Sora invited students to create an original work of art that responds to one or more of the following questions: 

  • What is your vision for the kind of world in which you would like to live?
  • What responsibility do you have for bringing about that kind of world?

Enjoy these thoughtful, colorful, and creative submissions from the Nova middle school campus.

Mya Be.

Daphne Go. 

"A man of peace, a man of dream,

Martin Luther King Jr., a powerful beam.

With words so strong, and vision so clear,

He called for equality, for all to hear.

His dream of justice, his dream of peace,

A world where segregation would cease.

With every march, with every stand,

He worked to unify this land. 

"I Have a Dream," his famous speech,

A brighter future within our reach.

For every race, in every place,

A call for love, a call for grace.

His legacy lives, his message rings,

In every heart, hope takes wings.

A drum major for justice, for truth, for right,

Martin Luther King Jr., a beacon of light."

Laura Kn.

There are many things that make humans, humans. The ideas that there are mistakes, that there is love, that there is evil and hatred, they're all human. Did you know that blue is one of the rarest colors to naturally occur in nature? Blue in this art represents peace, how little. Two small bulbs are all the peace that the world has. Hatred (red) takes up other times, love (pinkish - red) takes up other times, and forgiveness (purple) takes up the rest. If everyone spends all the time looking at Hatred how are they supposed to stop and smell the others?

Lemon Dr.

Olivia Bo. 

It is called "Equality" and is made with an app called Kleki. This art represents that no matter the nationality; race; or sexuality, we are equal and shouldn't look at others or ourselves differently.

LGBTQIA+ (top left), Black History/Pride (top right), Asian American Heritage (bottom left), Indigenous/Native American Heritage (bottom right), and Hispanic Heritage (middle).

Brady Sp.

No matter your race, appearance or brain

you're amazing and unique

Carter Fa.

Dawsey Jo.

This is my piece! It’s called "stand together" and it's a haiku with art. It means that if everyone works together, the world will be a better place. I made this on Canva!!!

Emery Sm.

My MLK day poem:

(In the eyes of MLK before his I have a dream speech)

"The time has come

Can we be freed

The pressure

It rests on me

No matter if you're black

Or if you're white

I want a free country

By the end of the night

Stand up

Stand tall

Don't let yourself fall

Stay here

Don't leave

Because you have a dream

I stand up

In front of a crowd

Some are quiet

Some are loud

I see a child

Look at me

Her eyes whisper

I want to be free

Stand up

Stand tall

Don't let yourself fall

Stay here

Don't leave

Because you have a dream"

Kaela Ca.

When I made this I was thinking about Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, and that lead to what I made the title. The rest of it mainly revolves around the words peace, unity, ect.

Marleau Le. 

The world I want to help create and live in with love, peace, and kindness.

Ruby Re.

"In the echoes of a dream, that used to be profound,

A beacon of justice, his voice did resound.

On this special day, we honor his way,

A symphony of hope, where hearts gently sway.

'I Have a Dream,' he boldly declared,

A vision of unity, a dream widely shared.

A tapestry woven with threads of grace,

In a world where all colors find their place.

Amidst the shadows of injustice and strife,

Martin Luther King emerged, a guide for a new life.

His words, a melody, in the winds they play,

Inspiring change, on this wonderful day.

In the face of adversity, he stood tall,

A leader for justice, equality for all.

Through trials and triumphs, his spirit endured,

A legacy of love, compassion assured.

Let's walk hand in hand, in the spirit of peace,

Where hatred and prejudice forever decrease.

On this day, let freedom's song replay,

In honor of this man, his dream lights our way."

Shelby Sm.