Sora Journal

Reaching New Heights

By Darah M.

Why did I name my art Reaching New Heights? The name can be looked at and interpreted in many different ways. During the pandemic, news stations were always talking about how COVID cases were reaching record highs. Additionally, prices at places like the grocery store were getting higher every week.

You can also look at my art and see how people are climbing or reaching a new height. In my art, people are also reaching toward a singular mask. The mask being alone represents how many items were scarce and hard to come by and the price of the mask represents inflation. Also, the higher up the human pile less and less people are there, indicating a higher degree of isolation. It was also a time of a lot of heightened fear. 

The process of making it was a little difficult and at times frustrating as I experienced artist's block. I hope when people far in the future look at my art they can understand the events of what happened/is happening. I hope they can see the message and relate to or understand what it was like to go through this.