Sora Journal

Core Memories Video

By Julia Pa.

My main inspiration for this project was the film After Yang. This is an incredibly beautiful movie, it has since become one of my favourites. The colour composition and simplicity of each scene brought a lightness to each moment in the film. I modeled my project roughly around the memory sequence towards the middle of the movie, where the beloved AI Yang’s memories are being watched by his owner and father figure Jake. As someone who loves to take photos and videos of anything they find beautiful, it was so interesting to see how similar Yang’s memories were to my own. I think there’s a certain softness to true memories. A quietness. I found through this project that my memories, my pictures and videos, were moments in my life that were intensely meaningful even if I didn’t know it when I took them. They weren’t the moments where I was trying to be beautiful or act smart, they were the moments where I could breathe. When I was walking down my favourite trail underneath quaking aspens, or sitting on the beach where I learned to walk. The moments that you feel gentleness wash over you. I think nature is good about that, showing us what we need.