Sora Journal

How the Grinch Didst Steal Christmas

By Lexi A.

For the “Green Eggs and Hamlet” expedition, I made a Dr. Suess rhyming story (How the Grinch Stole Christmas) and wrote it using Shakespearean language, made it a sonnet, and used the iambic pentameter. It was such a fun expedition and making this sonnet was so fun, but took a long time, lots of focus, and tons of brain power! Overall, I loved this experience!

How The Grinch Didst Steal Christmas:

The Grinch hated Christmas, ​​th're's nay excuse,

The Whos in Whoville did love it, less one,

Yond gent stood th're on Christmas Eve recluse,

“I has't to make Christmas wend hence, anon!”

The gent dressed as Santa Claus, he doth browse,

That gent did ride down to Whoville round night,

He stole ev'rything, forgetting no house,

Retired, yond crumpit and heard song from height!

The Whos were hand in hand singing jointly!

“Why art thou singing without thine presents?!”

He suffered this Christmas and yelled bluntly,

He then grasped, Christmas comes from thou presence.

He gave back the gifts and his heart increased.

That gent wast the one who carved the roast beast!

The End!

Grant you mercy f'r reading mine own “How The Grinch Didst Steal Christmas Sonnet!”