Sora Journal

A Strange Note and a Lavish Party

By Mikey Ru.

Entry 2: A Strange Note and a Lavish Party

Saturday, October 2nd 1455

Dear Diary,                             

This morning I woke up to a rather strange note in the letterbox of my flat. The note read: 

“Hello stranger. I know that you will be working Count Germain’s party Saturday evening. I am willing to pay you, handsomely, for any valuable information you can provide me about the Count. Keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary. Meet me at the Sunken Ship Tavern down by the docks Sunday evening at 9 pm. I’ll be on the second floor at the card table in the back. Burn this note after reading it.” 

Talk about an odd start to the day, needless to say, however, I was intrigued. Once again, what does a secret third party want from a man like me? I tossed the note in the fireplace of my flat, and kept it in the back of my mind for the party. I will meet whoever this person is on Sunday for more clarification, however, it does seem strange to snoop around a rich man's house I've never met.

 I arrived at the Count’s mansion around 7:30 o’clock, and quite frankly, it looked even more exquisite up close than it looked from afar. I entered the party and was surrounded by around probably 13 dozen aristocrats of different backgrounds and bloodlines. The mayor and head general of Medias, General Greeves was also sat at a table with her ominous bodyguards. To say I was nervous was an understatement. If I had a heart, it would have been beating out my chest, I'll tell you that. These fears showed in my playing for the first couple of minutes, only worsened by a broken string on my guitar, which I rushed to fix. Some people left but most of them stayed, thankfully once I fixed my strings I began playing as normal and the atmosphere lightened up alot. I also happened to be playing with someone I knew rather well, a certain Alais Galanodel, someone I knew from the performer circle in Medias. In fact, I believe she played with me once in the Crag Rock Inn, where this all started. Really makes me wonder if she received the same invite as I did by one of the Count’s men? Small world isn't it? After playing for a while, dinner arrived, and so did the Count himself. He was a modestly dressed man, which was not at all what I expected. He thanked everyone for coming to the party, and sat down and began to feast on the meal prepared. If I could taste, smell, or feel just about anything I would have loved to have a bite to eat. 

After dinner, I bumped into a younger aristocratic girl named Carmen Medici. She was an Avian, which are not common around these parts. We began smalltalk and she was very friendly towards me, if not a bit frightened. This is to be expected of someone looking death in the eyes, and death looking back at them while talking about his career in music. Regardless, we continued talking about our lives and backgrounds up to the after-party. She was definitely one of the nicest aristocrats I had ever spoken to. As we talked at the smoke bar I felt a tap on my shoulder, why, it was the Count himself! He said he was impressed with my music and wondered if I could come back next Saturday for his next party. I humbly obliged and shook his hand. Dry bones on the flesh of the man who made the city I live in, it truly didn't feel real. I arrived back at my flat around 10 o’clock, with the thoughts of that strange night swirling around my head. I plan to go to the Tavern tomorrow night and talk to this mysterious person. I have been rambling far too long in this book, and it is growing late. After all, tomorrow is another busy day.

Olsen Beatrix