Sora Journal

Dear Future Sora Student

By Avery Hi.

Dear future Sora student,

I hope this letter finds you excited and ready to embark on an extraordinary educational journey. My name is Avery and currently I have only been at Sora for 1 cycle. In that cycle, I have become the vice president of the Creative Writing Club, made projects I am proud of, and made some incredible friends. 

At first, I was really scared because I heard about all the incredible things that the students here do, and I was worried that I would be less than or fall behind in the community. Just like any new experience, things can be scary, but I am here to tell you that if you give it a chance, you can have amazing experiences and meet some amazing people. I was worried that I would have a hard time making friends, but before the first day I had already made some amazing friends and felt immersed in the school. All of the experts are wonderful and here in any way you need them.

The mentors, my fellow students, and the diverse opportunities have all played an integral role in shaping not only my academic path but also my personal growth. Everyone is welcoming and kind, and the clubs are amazing. You can play dungeons and dragons, play video games, draw, write, and learn about herbalism, and if none of those strike your fancy, you can even make your own! The expeditions, in particular, have provided me with an outlet to explore real-world issues and apply my knowledge in creative ways. My first 3 projects I did at Sora were creating a website about a specific type of pollution and dissecting the chemistry around it, creating artwork to symbolize a current event or movement, and making an entire business from the ground up using linear equations and algebra. I have found a network of peers who are not just classmates but collaborators and friends. Being at Sora has made school fun again, plus you get to wake up later. I really have a new perspective on what learning should be from coming to Sora. I hope that I can share this experience with you. 

As you prepare to join Sora, remember to embrace every opportunity that comes your way and embrace bumps along the road. Don’t be afraid to tackle mountains of tasks; they are just there to help you learn. Engage with your experts, whether it is asking questions or going to office hours, which I highly recommend you do if you need help. Don’t be afraid to be wrong; that's what school is for—learning. Being wrong is part of that process, and never hesitate to explore your passions, as they can lead to exciting independent studies, clubs, or meeting like-minded peers.

At Sora, I have found a community of peers who are not just classmates but also friends. Being part of Sora has reignited my passion for learning, redefining my perspective on what education can and should be. I truly hope to share the truly amazing experience that Sora has to offer. I look forward to the possibility of meeting you in a virtual classroom and am more than willing to assist you in any way possible as you take your first steps into this exciting new journey.

I hope to welcome you to the Sora family!

Sincerely, Avery H.