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Life at Sora

What makes Sora are the students

Daily schedule

The Monday through Friday daily school schedule is not a block period schedule where students sit in class for several hours back-to-back. Nor is it primarily independent, asynchronous, and self-paced. Instead, our program balances synchronous or live meetings such as Expeditions and participation in student life, with asynchronous or independent working time with Individual Studies Projects and Activities.

Are you concerned about time zones?
At Sora, we provide varying school start times for each of the four time zones in the US.

Middle School Example

There is no typical day at Sora

Most school days consist of a morning Standup and afternoon Checkpoint meeting in a student's House, with two to three Learning Expeditions in between. Additionally, on Wednesdays, students benefit from a mostly asynchronous day and participate in clubs and committees, meet with faculty during office hours, or collaborate with their peers on project work.

The daily schedule at Sora is much more reflective of college, where students have some required meetings throughout the day, with breaks and gaps in between. Some days are busier than others, schedules change from cycle to cycle, and students can even block off time in their day if needed to participate in activities outside of school.

I like the way the classes are structured, with us finishing the final project as we go through rather than a huge pileup of work at the end.

High School Student

How it works?

Julia Deckrow

How does math work at Sora?

Jonathan Oglesbee

What is Standup & Checkpoint?

I like that the school doesn't bring out textbook classes, and they all actually feel interesting.

Middle School Student

Sora families also have the flexibility to learn from practically anywhere,

Learning can happen at home or on the road. One student studied French and European history while his parents were on sabbatical in Nice, and another traveled the country in an RV with his family visiting National Parks and creating an app that provided helpful information for other visitors. Both students designed Independent Studies Projects about their trips and earned credit for their place-based and experiential learning on the road.

Sora community

Sora Journal

Check our student-led editorial platform, which showcases unique projects, ideas, news, and creativity.

Academic calendar

Our academic calendar is designed for the benefit of students and is organized by 6-week long cycles between mid-August and early June. Students enjoy over a month of summer vacation and have regular breaks during the school year around the holidays in the fall, winter, and spring just like their friends in traditional schools.

The classes are interesting and really encourage me to learn and engage. I also really love the teachers.

Middle School Student

Math at Sora

Like all of Sora’s learning experiences, our math program emphasizes meaning-based and mastery-oriented learning. Math serves as a tool for making sense of and improving our world. Students still strengthen their math muscles with practice and problem sets, but to the end of creating a fantastic project, not taking a high-stakes test.

Learning experiences

Sora students make requests from a selection of hundreds of engaging learning experiences based on their interests.


Yes! Sora’s middle and high school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which allows us to meet the requirements of all 50 states and colleges and universities. The high school has a secondary accreditation with Cognia, which is widely recognized both within the U.S. and internationally. Additionally, our program is recognized and approved by the NCAA which provides students the ability to play collegiate sports.