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Join the Sora team

Our mission is to bring a world-class, transformative, future-focused education to the world, not just the 0.01% who can afford it today. We take pride in our collaborative, team-oriented environment with colleagues who deeply care about our mission. We’re fully remote, with team members living around the world, and believe in flexibility to ensure we can all live full lives. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Core values

Care Wildly

Connect to the meaning and deep importance of our work and take it seriously. 

Grab the Wheel

Our mission boils down to our combined competence and execution. Don’t let any balls drop. 

Make it Legendary

Go bigger and better than everyone else. Chase quality as a lifestyle, even if nobody notices. 

Take Play Seriously

We don’t let the demands of the job impact our jovial, beginner’s-mind approach to our work. 

Join a true team

We deeply believe that if we are committed to building a new educational system, it is imperative to our success that we build a team and culture that reflects this vision. We hire team members from a vast range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, and work closely together – across departments, interests, and timezones – to build toward our vision.

The faculty is mission-driven and close-knit, creating lifelong friendships. I'm proud to be part of this revolutionary place, and see myself here for the rest of my career in education.

Current Sora Teacher

Work where you want

Sora is a fully remote company, and like our students, our team comes from around the world. We believe you should be able to work and live wherever is best for you and your family, and in turn this range of perspectives makes us a stronger company.

We’re invested in your future

  • Compensation: Our goal is to be competitive with salaries so each person who works here can have a healthy, fulfilled life. In the U.S., we benchmark our ranges to companies of similar size and stage based on mid-sized cities such as Chicago, Austin, Denver, and Washington, DC. Outside of the U.S., we set salary ranges based on localized salary data.
  • A stake in the company: All full-time team member offers include a stock options component. This is unusual for a team with such a wide variety of positions and geographies, but we believe it is important. We want to ensure each person who works at Sora feels a sense of ownership – we should all have a stake in the company’s planning, decision making, and success.
  • Caring for your health and well-being: For full-time roles in the U.S., Sora provides and covers an option of 100% health, dental, and vision insurance and 75% for dependents, along with full life insurance coverage.
  • Building to your future: For full-time roles in the U.S., Sora provides a 401(k) with 100% matching on the first 3% of contributions and 50% of contributions from 3% to 5%.
  • Helping you grow: Each team at Sora has a professional development stipend so you can continue to grow.
  • Ensuring you take time off: We offer unlimited vacation time (year-round for full-time HQ team members, and outside of the school year for faculty) and aim for folks to take a minimum of at least 25 days. Sick time is of course as you need it – a healthy team is a strong team!
  • Supporting families: We believe deeply in the importance of supporting growing families, and offer up to 14 weeks of paid gender-neutral parental leave for births, adoptions, and fostering.

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