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Graduating from Sora

We prepare students for the next chapter in their lives, no matter what that might be

Tomorrow’s change-makers

At Sora, we believe each student has unique goals and aspirations. While some students may choose a traditional four-year university experience, others may find an apprenticeship or trade program to be a better fit.

We support all pathways, including those who opt for a gap year, start their own business, or join the workforce. 

College Counseling

Sora families enjoy a customized and tailored approach to college counseling. They gain access to informative workshops and sessions on various topics such as financial aid, scholarships, essay writing, applications, portfolio building, and college transition.

A dedicated college counselor works closely with the students to compile a list of potential universities, assist with crafting compelling essays and other application materials, and acquire exceptional letters of recommendation. 95% of Sora students are accepted to one of their top 3 choice colleges.

Transcripts & Accredidations

When it’s time for seniors to submit transcripts to institutions of higher education, Sora packages all the individual areas of mastery back into their traditional academic subjects and produces a reliable and clear transcript with credits earned and a GPA. 

Our transcript showcases not only what students learned at Sora, but highlights their unique strengths abilities, and notable project work. This format is informed by the Mastery Transcript Consortium, used by hundreds of other innovative schools across the world, and is received positively by college and university admissions offices.

A full-time school program accredited by Cognia, WASC, and approved by NCAA. 

Sora's online approach not only prepared me for the digital landscape of higher education but also instilled a sense of responsibility and self-motivation. I'm grateful for the skills and mindset I developed through this experience.

Sora Alumni, Class of '23

Preparing for College

Students at Sora are prepared for their future careers and fields of study in a way that no other student from traditional high schools are. Listen to a few members of our faculty explain the advantages of a Sora transcript and how we give students a leg up in the college application process.

Join us for an upcoming Info Session

Our Info Session is a great opportunity to get to know Sora better. Join us to learn about how we have reimagined school for the 21st Century, our core learning experiences, life at Sora, how to apply, and more!


We have a robust orientation process for all new students and their families to understand how to excel in our unique program. This includes a series of informative workshops, “foundations” expeditions, guided registration planning with your student’s advisor, and icebreaker events for students to bond with their new housemates.