Sora Journal

The Sun & His Mortal

By Aria Wh.

When he laughs, it shakes the gods with fury, what is a mortal but stupid for having dreams to fly?

When he talks, he commands attention, undivided and hopeful. It is full of hopes and promises, of a world free of the dirt beneath worn feet.

When he cries, the world mourns with him. The sun bends and carries the ache of the only boy it has ever loved

A boy who took a leap of faith with wings polished and bright, but not brighter than the boy himself. For he shone brighter than any star.

The sun loved Icarus as much as the boy loved the skies. The sky wailed with loss and the seas blazed with heat, for when Icarus fell he grasped at the god who allowed him to tug them along to the water below.

Icarus did not fly, he soared. Apollo whispers the name akin to a secret, to be kept between the skies and his burning blaze. A secret taken to the grave as the body crashes into the unforgiving depths below.