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History of Fashion

Explore history and society
 through the lens of fashion

Hallmark American fashion

In this expedition we will cover hallmark American fashion moments from flapper dresses in the '20s, psychedelic colors in the '60s, to Blake Lively's Lady Liberty dress at the most recent Met Gala. Using fashion as an incision point, we will be examining sociocultural issues such as the impact of war, economic fluctuation, wealth inequality, gender justice, environmental activism and how they all influence individual expression.

Join us on a journey examining the ways political, social, and economic climates and fashion are connected.

Project creation

Compile a virtual gallery or portfolio in any format you like. This will include original fashion designs inspired by the time periods we study and spotlights of fashion icons across time. Each piece will be accompanied by an artist statement and relevant historical analysis.

Units & abilities

Units you will learn

  • Extensions: Popular Culture and Narrative
  • Post War and Civil Rights

Abilities you will practice

  • Analyzing Historical Events
  • Open Minded Discussion
  • Writing

Essential questions

  • What is the relationship between fashion, beauty, and identity?
  • How do fashion trends inform and reflect social and political movements across time?