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Lindsay Fram, MPH

Raising Sexually Smart Kids


There are many important reasons to talk to kids about sex and sexuality, especially during adolescence (including delaying the onset of sexual activity). Lindsay Fram, MPH shares tips on what kids need to know at every age and stage of development, initiating open, honest, and ongoing conversations about sex and sexuality at home, how families can model their values, and how to approach tough topics even when it's awkward. Plus, she answers the questions you have most about raising sexually smart kids!


Speaker Bio

Lindsay Fram is a New York City based sexuality educator and founder of SexuallySmart. Lindsay has a masters degree in Public Health from Tulane University and has been working in the field of sexuality education for over 20 years.

Among many other things, Lindsay writes curriculum, teaches middle school and high school sex education, and is a featured speaker for one of the most popular college sex education programs called Sex Discussed Here.

Beginning in the fall, she will be the new instructor for Pedagogy of Sex Education at the Columbia University School of Public Health. Her goal is to make the world sexually smarter one awkward conversation at a time.


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