Sora Journal

Sora student Mateo burns rubber on the race track

By Sora Schools

The young wheels are in motion, and the rubber meets the asphalt with a fiery determination for a teenager hailing from central Illinois. This sixteen-year-old prodigy of the kart racing world, Mateo Naranjo, has left his mark on tracks spanning the nation.

Competing across a diverse field of opponents ranging from fellow teens to adults and seniors, Mateo has emerged victorious in his latest endeavors. The pinnacle of his achievements was clinching his inaugural triumph last month. Notably, he has consistently secured a place within the top five racers in five separate competitions, including a notable appearance at Road America in Wisconsin.

However, Mateo's passion for racing didn't follow a predictable trajectory. In an unexpected turn of events, his infatuation with racing sparked seemingly out of nowhere.

Sharing the genesis of his journey, Mateo recounted, "It all began when my father introduced me to indoor karting. By the third session, I found myself effortlessly overtaking fellow racers, clocking lap times that outpaced the competition. That's when my father raised an impressed eyebrow and said, 'Well, color me impressed.'"

Following this revelation, the fervent racer sought out the nearest track in Springfield. Through sheer skill and determination, he not only secured a spot on the roster but eventually invested in his very own kart.

With unwavering determination, Mateo has set his sights on pursuing kart racing as a full-fledged career while concurrently pursuing higher education. Expressing his aspirations, he revealed his intention to continue his racing pursuits even as he attends college, envisioning a professional racing path alongside his pursuit of an engineering degree.