Sora Journal

Official partner of the world’s
top accelerator for teens

By Sora Schools

Sora is an official partner of The Knowledge Society (TKS), the world’s top accelerator for teens. TKS is a 10-month global innovation program for ambitious high school students. TKS trains curious and driven young people (ages 13-17) to solve important problems in the world using emerging technologies (AI/Quantum/Genomics/Blockchain etc..) and have seen some pretty cool results.

The youngest employees at NASA, SpaceX, Google, Microsoft, and IBM are all TKS students as young as 15. In the last 18 months, alumni have raised over $80M to start venture-backed companies and earned full-ride scholarships to schools like Stanford and Harvard.

They also have direct access to mentors from virtually every top company you can think of who have dedicated 80%+ of their mentorship time to TKS. All Sora students can access TKS’ invite-only world-class speaker series and enjoy preferential admissions to their flagship accelerator program.