Sora Journal

Nova Campus Hosts Annual Kindness Challenge

By Sora Schools

In September, Nova Campus middle school students were invited to accept the Kindness Challenge - a week-long secret mission of bringing positivity, respect, and goodwill into the classroom community and beyond!

The Challenge was broken into three main components:

  • Daily Kindness Missions: Each day, students received a special kindness mission to complete. Equal parts fun and rewarding!
  • Classroom Lessons: Students and faculty enjoyed interactive lessons and discussions during the school day, all focused on creating a kind and respectful environment.
  • Class Constitution: At the end of the week, students compiled everything they learned and experienced into Nova's own Class Constitution, a Community Agreement between all of the Nova community.

Students were encouraged to share their kindness missions anonymously on a dedicated Padlet. See a few of our favorites above and get inspired to do a kindness mission of your own :)